Arrange the order

How can I find necessary product?

If you are looking for a specific product, the easiest way to find it on our website or in an application is to use the search bar. Enter the model numbers / model name and go to the search results.

Can I arrange the order by telephone?

Yes, you can contact our customer support.

Please prepare the model numbers (nine-digit code consisting of letters and numbers) you want to order - they are indicated in gray on the product page

Why my order was canceled?

There are several main reasons for automatic cancellation:

You have pointed an incorrect phone / e-mail / shipping address;

Your region is not served by a shipping service;

The item is out of stock.

We will definitely send you an e-mail with the reason for canceling the order. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service.

Is there any limitation for quantity of order?

Your order should not contain more than 10 units of goods. However, we have no limitation on the quantity of orders. If necessary, you can always make another order.

For the convenience of processing multiple orders, mark selected items as you like.

You can complete ordering from the Favorites section

Can I change the shipping address/package of order after the managing?

All orders placed in our online store are processed automatically, so as soon as you have completed your order, you cannot change the delivery address or its packaging. But you can always cancel the order and issue a new one, specifying the correct Information.

To cancel an order, please contact our customer service.